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Version 3 tools live now

11/04/2024 | B MOKSHAGNA REDDY

Version 3 tools live now

Launching Version 3 Tools

Get the latest newly updated and upgraded tools live now on BMR ONLINE TOOLS. A fresh experience with newly designed UI to make your work easy. We have got a lot integrated export options built into each tool to enhance experience. Get all the updates on any tool we will be informing write here.


Feature Update: Export Options

As i mentoioned earlier we got a lot buit in export options for each tool in every posible way to make user experience even better.
This will give users a lot of options to export to other platorms quickly without a hussle of problem.
These are some export options we provided for different tools

  • Copy: To copy the Output - Preveously integrated
  • Download: To Download the Output - Preveously integrated
  • Email: To export your output through email directly from the webpage - Newly Integrated
  • CSV: To Download a CSV/Excel file format of the Output - Newly Integrated
  • Image Generation: Generate a image format of the Output - Newly Integrated
  • PDF Generation: Generate a PDF format of the Output - Newly Integrated
  • Share Link: A share call is generated gto share your output either link or text - Newly Integrated

These export options are custmized for each tool
We have pre designed output format for each option for easy viewing of your output
Let us know if there make any additions, customizations, enhancements and improvements to the export options

Feature Update: New User Interface(UI)

We have got a new refreshed User Interface (UI) not just for ONLINE TOOLS for whole Website in different platforms.
We have made this change to make user more engaged and smooth usablity across different divices.
We keep on improving the UI and keep adding features to make users more engaged.

Feature Update: Recent Activity Viewing

We have a special feature update that will show the user recent history of the tools.
Note that only the device user can view it locally no other user can view.
And not for all tools it will be shown under Docs Tools and Image Tools only.
It will be apperaring as a settings icon at the top right section.
This will give better view of your conversions,managing of your conversions, better user experience. We keep improving and add more options for different tools.

New Tools Launched and updated

We constanly keep updating our tools and launch new tools every month.
Keep in touch with our BLOG to recieve updates or head to our BMR ONLINE TOOLS webpage to view newly updates and more. Here are some newly Launched Tools

Our tools just got updated so what are you wailting for try it and give your experience and give your sugggestions at the feedback section, and we will try to improve. For any updates keep vising the BLOG. Keep using our tools and make your work easy. on that note take care.

Last modified on: 11/04/2024



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Version 3 tools live now

Get the latest newly updated and upgraded tools live now on BMR ONLINE TOOLS. A fresh experience ...

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